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Vintage Horse-Drawn Hearses have an excellence that has survived the passing of time

Jim & Becky's Horse & Carriage Service in Peotone, Illinois, offer horse-drawn hearse funeral services for an extraordinarily dignified farewell to a loved one. 

Funeral Horse Carriage

Honoring loved ones takes many forms, and utilizing the services of an elegantly appointed Victorian-style hearse drawn by a beautiful horse adds a timeless element to such an occasion.

Impressive Horse and Carriage Options

Clients have the option of choosing from four distinctive horse and carriage hearses. Open hearses in either black or white and glass enclosed hearses, also in black or white. Whether you prefer to utilize our services at the cemetery or intend to take a longer route from either the church or funeral home, this solemn procession gives friends and family members time to reflect on the life of the loved one and adds a dignified air to the proceedings. We will map out the route to determine for you if the distance you are considering to travel will be feasible by funeral horse carriage.

Additional Details

We are based near and serve the greater Chicagoland area, but under special circumstances do travel  to central Illinois, northwest Indiana and southern Wisconsin with our horse-drawn hearses